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Kick Mate

Air Hover Floating Football

Air Hover Floating Football

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The Hover Football

Our lowest ever price! Whilst stocks last

Custom Hover football. Floats across the floor for hours of indoor fun! We recommend Kickmate to all ages and as an excellent gift for any football fan

Why buy our hover ball?

1) Better than those found on Amazon, we ensure the quality of our products as we understand they’re made for younger children. The ball has been safety tested to EN71 and UKCA standards

2) Re-chargeable Battery - Plug and play. It comes with a charging cable

3) LED lights - Can play in the DARK!

4) Fabric exterior - Safer for the feet and furniture, but also far more durable


Join 100s of happy customers today and buy now! We post from the UK and so can ensure fast and effortless delivery!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great Quality

Thought I'd try these some of these out for my nephews. Arrived within 2 days and the kids haven't stopped playing with them. Great service! Would recommend!

phil M

if you have 70 year old parquet and quarry tile floors you don't even need to kick it - it just wanders around on its own through-out the house, catching irregularities on the surface- quite mesmerising. After 30 minutes of watching,we did start to kick it around- so much fun!!! After 39 min and 16 secs it did start to seem a bit tired but did not give up until 43 mins, it stopped floating but did keep its fan going and bravely flashed its lights!!! Amazing - I assumed it would run for 5 mins - it must have a huge battery!!!- and yet perfectly balanced. You absolutely have to buy one of these - I have ordered one for my grandchildren- they will love it!!!


wow, we (retired) enjoyed this so much, all around the house, so much laughing and whooping. You have to buy one of these!!! (until it went under the fridge and sat there taunting us) after rescue (another story) it continued to give hysterical pleasure. It is now looking smug and charging. I cannot wait show this off to the grandchildren!!!!

Excellent Quality

Had one of these a few years ago and broke it. This one is so much better. I’d recommend KickMate to anyone. Thanks!

LED look great

I brought this off the guys at the market. They mentioned it had LED lights that glowed in the dark, but they are quite bright in the dark, my daughter likes it - football crezy