Guide to the right football cake

Football cakes can be great if done right

Whether someone’s birthday is around the corner, or whether there is a football fans celebration on the horizon, you can never really go wrong with a football cake! Luckily for you, we have found some of the best cake designs on the internet


What’s the flavour?

I know you’re thinking Chocolate, Red Velvet or any other. But what we mean is, what club do they support might determine what cake to go for.  One of our favourite designs are the Club themed cakes:

Club themed cakes:


Football Pitch Cakes:

Where many of these cakes may look like they would need professional production, you may be surprised what you can achieve when you visit the local Tesco


Where to buy

Some of these cakes are from Em’s bakes or Amy’s bake house, but they do come with a pretty expensive price tag of in excess of £40 per cake

I have seen supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s offer some pretty cool cakes, but that would be quite hit or miss. Also, club specific cakes aren’t sold at this stores, only the generic pitch cakes are likely. Although, from the price tag we mentioned above, you could save some money here, as they are often priced well under 50% of the price of the others!




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